Blog Without A Name


Well THAT was frustrating.

Say hello to Mischka, she’s a Mirpex. (Something I made up) I started working on her long before christmas and only finished her shortly after christmas was over. She was originally an idea that I had months ago but I used her as a backup plan when I had (MAJOR) problems with the gift that I was making my girlfriend. 

(It was going to be a beautiful alien landscape scene but it had gotten horribly corrupt.)

My Photoshop would crash a lot and corrupt anything that I had been working on at the time which really stalled me from making much progress on this picture. The only good that came of the constant crashing and burning tears of defeat was the fact that it made me redo parts of the picture over and over and over again. I guess that really helped me out seeing as the body didn’t quite turn out that good anyway before the program had crashed the first time… and the second time… and the seventh…

Anyways though, I managed to fix the issue and all ended well. So here she is, in all her fuzzy glory.

Enjoy. (or die.)